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How many vehicles do you have?
We maintain a constant inventory of over 500 vehicles with new purchases every day.
Can I request vehicles not in your inventory?
Yes! Please let us know what you are looking for. Our staff will find the vehicle for you.
Please also refer to "How to buy Japanese used vehicles from Japanese Auto Auction"
Can I visit to see your vehicles in your inventory?
Yes, sure! But please make an appointment in advance.
Does the FOB price on Mehran Trading's website include additional costs such as freight charge, port charge, pre-export inspections, etc.?
No, These fees are not included in our FOB price.


How can I get a quotation.
1. Find the vehicle you like from our search engine or stock list from the USED CARS menu.
2. Open the detailed page by clicking "Available" icon and then click "Request Quotation" icon on the middle of the page to send the request to our Sales team.
3. You will receive the Proforma Invoice within 3 business days.
Can I buy a vehicle from Japanese Used Car Auction?
Please refer to "How to buy Japanese used vehicles from Japanese Auto Auction" for details.

Money TransferFAQ

Can I pay by Paypal?
Yes. But we highly recommend bank transfer since Paypal's transfer charge is higher than bank transfer charge.
What currencies do you accept?
We accept only Japanese Yen and U.S. Dollars.
How long does it take for you to receive my bank remittance?
It normally takes three business days in minimum.
Who is responsible for money transfer fee?
The buyer is responsible for all transfer fees. Please confirm the cost of this fee with your bank in advance.


Any pre-export inspections required?
For export rules and procedures for your country, including pre-export inspections, please confirm with your country’s appropriate government authorities.
It is also strongly suggested that prior to importing a vehicle, you research what is expected of you as a vehicle importer in your country and understand all risks and responsibilities.
Can you put auto parts inside the vehicle and then ship it?
No, we are not allowed to put anything inside the vehicle unless it is shipped by container.
If you want, we can send the parts by DHL, FedEx or EMS.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us.